Friday, October 23, 2015

Betty Bradstreet Grant

I received some very exciting news this week! My proposal to the Assistance League of Tulsa's Betty Bradstreet grant was approved, and is being fully funded.

My proposal is for a 3D printer, and a Desktop 3D Scanner!

Here is the proposal I submitted.

      As an Art Educator it is our job to survey the world of art, this constant changing organism that is laid out before us. We hunt for the pulse, we search to find the beat of the ever rushing vein of inspiration, that path which will elevate our students onward. We strive to not only encourage imaginative play, but to find the hook that will make them successful in the life.

      In doing so I find myself reevaluating my goals, where I thought my program would head, vs. the natural growth it has taken. I love teaching art, I also love technology and it has been a constant goal to merge the two as much as possible. Our students live in an age where technology affects almost everything they do. This year I want to make a huge jump with my art program. I am writing this proposal to obtain a 3D printer and 3D scanner for my room. These technologies will help bridge the gap to preparing our students for life, whether in the art room or in a medical lab.

      Students in all grades, Pre-K to 5th, can take almost any art supplies such as paper, play dough, or even pipe cleaners to design a sculpture. Then, using the 3D scanner, students can create a complete 3D digitized image. With that digitized image, students will be able to use the 3D printer to create a duplicate. Once we learn the basic operation of the process I hope that we will be able to print material that can be used in mixed media, and not just duplicate projects.