Sunday, July 12, 2015

ArtLab Focus


The way I approach teaching art to students is to focus on first on Art History. We will look at art that has been created through out time, studying individual artist, movements, or ancient civilizations. Students learn more about the different materials used, the emphasis of the work, the use of principles and elements of art, and the life of the artists. We also must realize that art does not just happen, but that art is a response to events, emotions, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances surrounding creative individuals.

In effort to understand the why, we have to bring other content areas of education. Students will study aspects of Math, Science, Language, and Social Studies to help fill in the blanks. With the introduction of Math and Science, I am hoping to bring more STEAM based lessons into my classroom. I am currently working on bringing in new technology into my art room. Hopefully soon students will be able to make both traditional art, along with digital art, opening up new exciting future possibilities.

6-Year Plan

I hope to move my program to in a direction that allows for easier integration of technology, creating parts of the curriculum to be more, if not all STEAM based. I will need additional industry standard technology devices, and software to allow students to start creating digital art, and to make connections to engineering. I also plan to continue the current study of art history, and traditional mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics.

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