Saturday, August 1, 2015

Free to Cheap Ideas for STEAM Integration

This past Spring I was asked to teach a workshop for art teachers showing ways to integrate technology. When I was asked I was just finishing up a collaboration project with the School of Art at the University of Tulsa. For that Digital Art/TURC class we were working with a select number of fourth and fifth graders from my school Mayo Demonstration. We had several goals for the group among them were teaching healthy eating habits, portraiture, sculpture, and ultimately showing them how to use Adobe Illustrator.

I say all of that because when I was asked to teach workshop this summer I instantly went to Adobe in my mind, along with other computer/device based applications. I started making a list, and knew I wanted to include some new tech gadgets I have been drooling over the past few years. So my focus of my class became free or inexpensive ways to integrate technology into the art room, besides buying a new device or computer.

I showcased 4 technologies, Squishy Circuits, Makey-Makey, ArtBots, along with Google Cardboard, but I include a ton more in my presentation. Which you can find below

The class was a great success, many of the amazing Art Educators of Tulsa Public Schools were in attendance, along with several tech savvy Librarians, and a few classroom teachers. I have submitted a proposal to teach a similar class at the upcoming OAEA 2015 Fall Conference, I will find out soon if my session has been selected for the catalog.

If you like the theme I used for my Google Slide presentation check out this awesome resource,

Technology for the Arts Presentation - Google Slides

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