Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Junior BotBall Challenge Grant

Last Friday I received the official notice that I have been awarded the Junior BotBall Challenge Grant from the Oklahoma State Education Department. I already had my robot kit from a workshop I attended earlier in the school year, but it is nice to have the grant finally cleared. The email was perfectly timed since the BotBall team attended our first Regional Event last Thursday.

What makes Junior BotBall different from other robot building competitions is the students are competing only against themselves. There were about 18 challenges at the event, and each team tries to complete as many of them as they can in one day. The basic challenges are the same from one event to another, so as I team finishes one, they do not have to repeat at the next event.

Unlike the ArtBots that you can find on my blog, these robots are more sophisticated, and much more complicated to use. The black box is actually a small computer, that we save our programs to, and that runs the robot. Junior BotBall uses C program language to write the code that controls the bot. 

Which means, we first had to teach basic coding skills, and how to understand the syntax for the C language. Once students had an understanding, they were able to start writing code,and completing challenges.  

Here is an example of a challenge. 

Each blue section was a different challenge to complete. This was taken at the end of the day. The table area across is called Pit Row, and each team acts as a Pit Crew for their bot. 

A member of our Junior BotBall team hard at work taking notes, and writing code for their next challenge. 

Here is a sample of the code that controls the robot.
The program is written in C Language. 

The sponsor for the last event, and another resources for BotBall grants. 

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